Hi! I'm

(Psst: It's pronouced No-el-Teen - He/Any ;))

I help you get attention for your game

Fully tailored illustration for your game. Where I don't stop at the illustration but go to understand what is your game about and how to make it truly resonate with your players.

4 Things about me

I work with creators and publishers who want to stand out on the visual side of their game and focus on a fully tailored art piece based on their project.

I believe Art doesn't work in a bubble.

It's part of a whole, it complements it. A good understanding of the big picture helps in making great artworks that resonate with people.

I'm French, from Lyon. But not really though. I'm also Vietnamese and Spanish.

But the three languages need practice. Oui oui.

I love to dig deep in a lot of various subjects.

I'm passionate about trying to understand principles of various topics. And then, trying to apply them to another field. I.e: how modding skyrim might apply to Drawing.

And when it happens, I go all the way to scratch the itch.

I might even ask questions!

About us

After an initial call to talk about your project, specific goals and laying down the fundations, I'll suggest a couple of sketches for you to choose from, and send you updates at each steps of the art production.

Communication will be straightforward and regular so you don't have to worry about losing the vision of your game or ghosting on my part.


And yes, I was incredibly lucky to cross their path, I still can't believe they gave me the opportunity to work on their projects.

"I love his style and how patient he was with us when it came to making changes to the art!"
Banana Chan
Founder Game and a Curry (Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall)
"I really appreciated your autonomy and detailed planning (as well as execution).
The Duke
Founder, The Doves (Unconventional Warfare)
‘’Open for Feedback, and had a very passionate attitude about his work and the impact of his contributing to the final product.’’
Arthur Michoux
Studio Manager, Gameloft Hanoi

Think we might be a fit?

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