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You're Storytellers.
Focus on your story, I'll support you with the imagery.

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Focus on what you do best

...Rather than taking a ridiculous amount of time to do the visuals on your own and boring yourself to death ;)

I'll love bringing your world to life, from designing it up to implementing it right in your project, whether it is a Unity game, a movie, or anything that would require visuals.


"From my point of view as a game lead, I really appreciated your autonomy and detailed planning (as well as execution).
By autonomy, I mean how much you figured out yourself when the game's main mechanic was still being made, meaning there were limited mechanics for you to use as well as many things being uncertain. And we were able to see the details in your layout designs"
Duke, Game Lead on Unconventional Warfare
"You make others feel comfortable being themsleves. So I, for instance, can feel no constrain to talk and work with you"
Huy, Game Designer
"You help me and people around you feel comfortable, positive and you are very informative."
Thu, Game Artist and Illustrator

Not sure if i'm the right fit?

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These 2D isometric tiles are modular. Meaning you can just create the map you need yourself for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone!
Just grab them here, no strings attached!

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