Stories embedded within the characters - Fiz and the Rifar'Ir

Software: Clip Studio Paint, Unity3D, Photoshop
Work Type: Personal

Research process to develop the world of Fiz, adventurer from the Rifar'Ir guild. He's a curious little fellow, always eager to discover new places and meet people around him.

If you saw my previous work geared toward isometric game assets, then this one is the logical follow up.

It's the visual development and storytelling of Fiz of the Rifar'Ir. A guild of Explorers. We follow Fiz, a siamese cat, set on a mission to retrieve "The Stone": an artifact recently uncovered by local archaeologists near the Dune Cities.

On its path he will encounter many inhabitants, interesting people with rich stories to tell. Discover some of them as the populate this post =)

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