Hey! I am Noel-Tien

Pronounced No-El-Teen - He/Any

"A twisted view of the world that leaves a strong mark on my art"
It's probably the best way to sum it up.

I love to dig deep in a lot of various subjects. I'm passionate about trying to understand principles of various topics to try to apply them to other fields.

Art doesn't work in a vacuum. A good understanding of the big picture helps in making great artworks that resonate with people.

My goal is to understand every inch and cranny of how Art for games relates to the world.

fill the gaps in your ART team

No need to ask me twice to come to your studio far from a big fancy city: my backpack is ready.

You won't have to spend months teaching me the pipeline in Unity. (Probably only weeks for UE4 though but let's be realistic, Unity's better ;))

I have passion for the projects I'm involved in, especially for real*** games like indie and mobile.

Test the waters with freelancing

1/ Reach out via the following form

2/ Jump on a 20 to 45min call to learn to know each other and answer your questions.

3/ If we like each other and my skill set fits to your project*, you send me all the documents to sign and ressources to know about your project (Stories, goal of finished product, Visual references etc.)

4/ I paint it while keeping you in the loop during 2 sets of revisions (exploration sketches and early illustrtaion painting)

5/ Last meeting to close the mission, deliver the artwork.

And lastly, if by any mistakes you need a small change to the art, we can discuss about that free of charge.  

*If it doesn't match but we still like each other, let's keep in touch on linkedin, twitter or facebook!


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