Disclaimer and Sources


As you might know, or learn, I am not a marketer per trade.

I've been digging in the space for the past 4 years and practicing at my own pace (very slowly it means). I will try my best to share my learnings with you in the most accurate and serious way possible. As close to the dataset and informations I will gather from various sources that I trust. I will also do my best to share the sources with you so you can go further for yourself or your close ones.

If you see mistakes or anything I could have done better: please please please let me know! (in constructive feedback). My goal is to show you what we don't have time to learn or inform ourselves about marketing or the perspective of recruiters.

I strongly encourage you to give me your 100% honest constructive feedback. The more we share, the better it gets =D

Now that's said, here we go with the sources!


Everyone Hates Marketers : https://www.everyonehatesmarketers.com/podcast
The best marketing podcast and resources I have found. Can't say much more of it. Louis digs deep into the marketing topics and will explain things way better than me here.

Job to be done framework

This one is a bit hairy to read. But damn is it good! It is a framework to give clarity over a market and design the right product over it. Based on economic and market theories. It explains how we make buying decisions in order to improve our lives.

Les techniques d'enquête en sciences sociales - 4e éd. - Méthodes et exercices corrigés: Méthodes et exercices corrigés (Cursus) (French Edition) - Nicole Berthier.
Survey techniques in social science, sorry I couldn’t find it in english =/ Basically a book to teach you how to ask questions properly with exercises and applications. If you have an equivalent in english, let me know!

Guiding Questions: https://digino.org/guiding-questions/

The wisdom of crowds: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/The_Wisdom_of_Crowds

Social Influence and the Collective Dynamics of Opinion Formation https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0078433

Personal interviews and research.

The way I do it is through live interviews and crossing the data between interviews. After a while, a pattern emerges from which I can extract interesting stuff that actually seem to work. And not based on one unique journey. I also spend lots of time curating the internet and books for information and major trends.

If you have any questions let me know, I'll do my best to answer them!

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