"Practice" is not the only answer to find clients

It's like being stuck in quicksands

You feel like you're not putting enough time into improving your art


Clients never have enough budget
You're asked for commissions that don't match your skillset and style.
Life gets in the way and you can't spend the time to level up your skills.

Meaning, you can't get better clients.

Putting all your perks in the Art Skill Tree won't help you get better clients*

*And it's okay. But some people actually put those perks to better sell their products.
Can you guess who?

Are we experts at selling ourselves?

I can spend all day telling you how I got my job at Gameloft, it still would not work out the same way for you.
Anecdotal experiences don't translate well.

What about a more grounded solution?

Forget charming storytelling, discover facts from clients, marketing experts and professional artists.
Facts that breach the misunderstanding between clients and artists.

Let put ourselves on the side a bit and focus on what actually matters

I can spend all day telling you how I got my job at Gameloft, it still would not work out for you. Anecdotal experiences don't translate. But data driven research from clients and experts do.

All those perk points you put in art skill tree?
I'm spending them to ask questions so you don't have to

So you can spend more time drawing and honing your craft.
So you don't have to worry about social anxiety too much.

You probably already know a super organized person that will create an excel sheet for EVERYTHING.

Well. That's me.

I'll just share it in a short, easy to read way for you.

The Non-Art Fundamentals
The only Art Newsletter that actually shows you how to begin as a freelance artist.

Or learn why the race to being an Art God is not helping your clients.

Still not sure? Know where you're putting your feet into

Discover awesome artists and essays as I deep dive into non art fundamentals

S00 #1: Skills aren't the endgame.

Art doesn't work in a vacuum and focusing solely on skills won't help both artists and clients.

The Artist Routine : Vincent Lau

"Always work beyond what your client want and doing all your best for every piece of artwork."

The Artist Routine : João Phillipe

"Sketch it thinking about what the feeling would be."