Give a personality to your game


Making players feel your world


Art does the heavy lifting in bringing in new players

It gives flexibility to your marketing.


Do not look for artists, look for professional Illustrators.

Someone who wants to do the art you want to see, to convey what you want to say.


A strong footprint doubles down on the tone of your game.

A strong footprint calls for emotions. It helps communicate what makes your game special to your players.

It's Day and Night

Art is the most important thing when trying to market a game. It makes it more approachable, allows you to promote the game effectively, makes it appealing for reviewers to show to their audience.

I'm Noel-Tien

Pronounced Noel-Teen (he/any), I love exploring places, ideas and try to dig deep in topics and projects I'm passionate about.

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A Different Perspective

With so many games getting released that are just the same with a few tweaks, I believe it's important to take a few steps back and look at it from another perspective.
That's why representation matters, far from social medias algorithms, to bring a new variety of point of views, to bring positivity and open the hobby to more people.

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