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S00 #5: The Human Factor and Sources

Focus on the people.

S00 #4: Understand and serve others

We’re told to not be dicks toward others. The first rule to not be a dick, is to listen and show empathy to others. Let’s do that. By switching our focus, we can actually bring value to the people around us and be able to ask for better jobs. We won’t just be making “Art”, we’ll be solving problems. That holds way more value than any commodities.

S00 #3: Shifting Perspective

People don’t care about me, you, our art. They care about one thing: how to improve their life. It can be by making a game, showing off a wonderful painting in their living room.. We need to switch our view of the world if we want to strive as artists.It is not about us, it is about them.

S00 #2: It is not ourselves vs the world

As artists, we’re part of the world, our art connects us to it. Instead, we can learn from marketers and look to understand our audience.

S00 #1: Skills aren't the endgame.

Art doesn't work in a vacuum and focusing solely on skills won't help both artists and clients.

The Artist Routine : João Phillipe

"Sketch it thinking about what the feeling would be."