When Passeport Please meets Hades: Ludum Dare #50

Time Spent: Between 48 and 100 hours (Time frame of the various jams)
Work Type: Gamejams - Hobby
Software: Photoshop, Unity, Blender, Github
Tasks: Concept Art, GameArt, "Animation", Illustration, UIUX, Art Direction...

For the past couple of years, I participated in a couple of gamejams both locally (Global GameJam 2020, Arte Gamejam) and remotely (Extra Credits, GMTK...) in order to practice working in a team.

I strongly believe Art doesn't exist in a vacuum. To that end, if I want to make video games to the best of my ability and hope to achieve any results, understanding other departments is key. Understanding the basics of code allows me to be better at designing UI that works rapidly and efficiently in a fast-paced environment such as a gamejam (Unity free premium class on the basics of C# in Unity helped me tward that goal).

Understanding others, the way they work, how they think and see the world is helpful in communicating effectively and growing as a team. Doing such small projects regularly helps me practice it.

Ludum Dare 50 is the latest work we did in around 72 hours in a team of 6 (1 dev, 1 artist, 4 composers, SFX and voice actors). Discover below the concept and the in-game result.

Check the submission here

Play the game here directly within your browser


Final results

Overall: 35th (4.275 average from 73 ratings)

Fun: 181st (3.871 average from 72 ratings)

Innovation: 61st (4.077 average from 73 ratings)

Theme: 119th (4.218 average from 73 ratings)

Graphics: 44th (4.606 average from 73 ratings)

Audio: 3rd (4.643 average from 72 ratings)

Humor: 21st (4.393 average from 72 ratings)

Mood: 65th (4.268 average from 73 ratings)

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