When Passeport Please meets Hades: Ludum Dare #50

Time Spent: Between 48 and 100 hours (Time frame of the various jams)
Work Type: Gamejams - Hobby
Software: Photoshop, Unity, Blender, Github
Tasks: Concept Art, GameArt, "Animation", Illustration, UIUX, Art Direction...

For the past couple of years, I participated in a couple of gamejams both locally (Global GameJam 2020, Arte Gamejam) and remotely (Extra Credits, GMTK...) in order to practice working in a team.

I strongly believe Art doesn't exist in a vacuum.
To be the most useful I can for a team, understanding other departments is key. Understanding the basics of code allows me to be better at designing UI that works rapidly and efficiently in a fast-paced environment such as a gamejam (Unity free premium class on the basics of C# in Unity helped me toward that goal).

Understanding others, the way they work, how they think and see the world is helpful in communicating effectively and growing as a team. Doing such small projects regularly helps me practice it.

Ludum Dare 50 is the latest work we did in around 72 hours in a team of 6 (1 dev, 1 artist, 4 composers, SFX and voice actors). Discover below the concept and the in-game result.

Check the submission here

Play the game here directly within your browser

Notes on LD50

Crunch was inexistant! Our main dev worked part time on the project while I was getting full 9 hours of sleep. We even had time for open playtesting and balancing! To achieve this feat we:

  • Downscoped right from the beginning
  • Focused on one feature and one mood to get the most out of it.
  • We also have experience working together with Crychair, making the experience smooth.


Final results

Overall: 35th (4.275 average from 73 ratings)

Fun: 181st (3.871 average from 72 ratings)

Innovation: 61st (4.077 average from 73 ratings)

Theme: 119th (4.218 average from 73 ratings)

Graphics: 44th (4.606 average from 73 ratings)

Audio: 3rd (4.643 average from 72 ratings)

Humor: 21st (4.393 average from 72 ratings)

Mood: 65th (4.268 average from 73 ratings)

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