Sarah "DeadisOption" Vicente, Illustrator for games

Hello, thank you for taking the time to answer this written interview. Let's start with an introduction, tell us about yourself, what do you do in life, your background?

Hello! My name is Sarah Vicente, better known as Deadisoption, I'm from Brazil.

I have 19 years old. I'm currently an illustrator and freelance conceptual artist focused on games, and also passionate about creating atmospheres linked to magic and creatures.

Can you share with us your favorite creation among the personal or professional works you have done?

Introduce us to this project, why did you do it? What was the context of its creation?

Some artists consider their best creations to be the last. And I believe that my case is this.

I wanted to create something new that wasn't linked to creatures or wizards and so on. As I said, I want people to feel nostalgic when they look at my drawings. The references here were for games like Stardew valley, rune factory etc. Vibrant colors like yellow, orange are made to express joy, comfort.

Approximately, how long did this project take you to complete? (in hours, weeks or months depending on the project)

Some personal projects take weeks to complete. Issues like other homework, orders etc, get in the way. This one took me about 2 weeks to make, the whole process was done live. From sketch to lineart, to final editing.

Some projects take less time (either personal or professional), depending on their difficulty. And also with my energy. There were projects that took me 2 days to complete.

I want people to feel nostalgic when they look at my drawings

Take us through your process to arrive at this result as if we were 5 years old:

First are the references. Nothing is created without references. Some references I get are from artstation and mostly from arts that I save on twitter. Hence, I take elements that interest me, from the arts as references and also from drawings that I have already created. From that I started to create something new, in this case I wanted to introduce my character from a previous cartoon, where he was a farmer.

Here, there is a visual narrative where the farmer is buying more supplies for his farm, while the seller explains how many gold coins he will need.

After that we go to the sketching part, where we can experiment with what will and will not work. And then to the lineart process, where we clean up the scribbles and introduce what you see at the end. And then we go to the main colors and adding little by little, light, shadow, details that weren't there before. Even the complete piece you see at the end.

Let's do a mini role play, professionally, who is Jean, your main type of client?

Game Developer

Jean contacts you for the first time, he absolutely needs your services for his project. Walk us through a typical collaboration with Jean, from the first contact to the last interaction?

The first contact is always to know what I can do for him, and what he needs done. As well as an overview of your project.

After we had all this information, we went to the part where we divided the work into parts (which I think is easier to visualize), after that I start working and any changes I contact him for feedback. As well as whether something should change, or whether it should remain as it is.

All parts of the project are shared, nothing goes unnoticed as well as some observations of mine (which may or may not be considered for the end of the project).

From your perspective, what made this collaboration possible, exciting, successful?

For me, any project that has an interesting narrative, interesting characters to be made is attractive. As well as the active participation of the customer, if we agree with them it becomes more pleasurable.

But I always work on something that I know I'm going to enjoy and learn something from it.

I love the feeling that with each new creation a whole new world opens up to so many opportunities.

We are almost at the end, is there anything else you would like to add or clarify?

I like to create things and I know there are a lot of people who like what I do. Just as there are people who wonder if they will ever create things as incredible as mine. The answer is yes.

Believe in yourself, and that phrase has never made as much sense as it does in my life today. If you strive to be what you want to be, don't let anyone tell you what's best for you. Even if it fails, know that at least you tried.

I love creating meaningless things, and I love the feeling that with each new creation a whole new world opens up to so many opportunities. That feeling is what keeps me drawing.

That's it! Thank you so much for your time and for sharing so much with us! Last question: Where can we follow you and contact you?

Twitter, discord, instagram, artstation, pixiv, I'm everywhere haha. Just google my name and you'll notice it. Use @deadisoption

My main media are Instagram and Twitter. But you can also see me on Reddit(as mychristmas_five), and on discord too if you have my tag(or if we are in the same server, as vicente#0002)

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