João Phillipe: Illustrations and character Design

Hello, thank you for taking the time to answer this written interview. Let's start with an introduction, tell us about yourself, what do you do in life, your background?

My name is João Phillipe, I work with illustration and character design as a freelancer, I'm from Bahia/Brazil and I love fantasy art in all entertainment media.

Can you share with us your favorite creation among the personal or professional works you have done?

Introduce us to this project, why did you do it? What was the context of its creation?

This art is part of a series of three illustrations I'm doing.

It's actually a little hard to put into words, but I was moved more by a feeling of joy, a desire to illustrate these scenes that seemed so beautiful and full of feeling in my head. I've also really liked some more traditional art aesthetics in general.

Approximately, how long did this project take you to complete? (in hours, weeks or months depending on the project)

Like I said, it's still in progress. I hope to finish it in August. I put an average of one month for each illustration as I share my time with work for clients and studies

I was moved more by a feeling of joy

Take us through your process to arrive at this result as if we were 5 years old:

I think it's pretty simple: I take some scene that looks cool, beautiful in my head, sketch it thinking about what the feeling would be, and keep drawing and painting until it's cool enough for me.

Let's do a mini role play, professionally, who is Jean, your main type of client?

TTRPG/Boardgame Publisher

Jean contacts you for the first time, he absolutely needs your services for his project. Walk us through a typical collaboration with Jean, from the first contact to the last interaction?

Basically, I look for information about Jean's project to understand what his product is and what service I should provide.

If there is no contract sent by Jean, I will inform her/him how the payment works and also the steps of the art that I will show for approval (sketch, colors, lineart, painting etc.).

Each step I do I send Jean to approve and only after the approval I move on to the next one until I reach the final result and approval from Jean.

From your perspective, what made this collaboration possible, exciting, successful?

I believe the simplicity and ease of communication makes it interesting and successful. In addition to the quest to understand what the customer is looking for and needs.

We are almost at the end, is there anything else you would like to add or clarify?

I don't think so far. I like that my work speaks for me.

That's it! Thank you so much for your time and for sharing so much with us! Last question: Where can we follow you and contact you?

Thank you so much for this opportunity and for enjoying my art!

I hope I can add something good in the art world!

Email, Instagram: lipe.artwork_ or Artstation

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