Vincent Lau, Concept Artist and illustrator

Hello, thank you for taking the time to answer this written interview. Let's start with an introduction, tell us about yourself, what do you do in life, your background?

I am a environment illustration and concept artist. I was working in Bandai Namco Before. And currently I am doing background illustration for visual novel game or RPG game.

Can you share with us your favorite creation among the personal or professional works you have done?

Introduce us to this project, why did you do it? What was the context of its creation?

This is a piece of artwork for visual novel game. This is a fantasy town with art style of Traditional Korean building and Steampunk elements. I was trying to make this piece more closer to anime background scene.

Approximately, how long did this project take you to complete? (in hours, weeks or months depending on the project)

I finish this project by 3-4 days, 1-2day for modeling in Blender and another 2 days to polish in Photoshop.

Take us through your process to arrive at this result as if we were 5 years old:

Mostly doing 3d modeling in Blender and in the end I just tweaking color and brightness and painting in Photoshop. The most important part is to remove "3D Feeling".

Let's do a mini role play, professionally, who is Jean, your main type of client?

Game Developer

Jean contacts you for the first time, he absolutely needs your services for his project. Walk us through a typical collaboration with Jean, from the first contact to the last interaction?

Firstly I will tell him the price of the artwork and how long I would need for the project.

Secondly I collect the deposit payment before jump into the real work.

I will show him some sketches before doing the work. usually there would be some feedback based on the sketches I did, and I will take note and jump into a deeper work to show him more progress.

From your perspective, what made this collaboration possible, exciting, successful?

Show your responsibilities and passions to clients and always show progress to make sure your work stay in right path. The last is always work beyond what your client want and doing all your best for every piece of artwork.

We are almost at the end, is there anything else you would like to add or clarify?

Always try to analyze the other artist work, no matter digital or traditional. You will learn faster from other artist than just lock yourself in the room and draw.

That's it! Thank you so much for your time and for sharing so much with us! Last question: Where can we follow you and contact you?

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