What are the best subreddits to promote my work?

Ahiiii You won’t like the answer.


It depends!

What do you do? What kind of art? for whom? Why would they buy from you?

We are told since our beginnings as artist that we should “make a portfolio” and “post on social media to get as many eyeballs on our work as we can”. In the crowd, we’re bound to find an opportunity, yes?

But usually, advice falls short at that point. So we end up doing just that. We publish our best work on our socials. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… The problem is… The eyeballs we get on our work are mostly from our own small echo chamber. Who are… The artists!

We market our work to other artists. We publish on r/redbubble or r/artstore or #artistsontwitter. Nothing’s wrong about that, but we’re missing the point: our audience. Our audience aren’t (usually), other artists. It is important to realize the two sides of the coin: the community where we learn, share and enjoy the craft, and the audience we try to serve.

The latter will be way more interested in what you can offer than the former. They’ll also be way less judgmental on the technicalities of your skills. It doesn’t mean they’ll accept low quality deliveries though! (I talk about quality here)

If you sell funny plumbing tee shirts for plumbers to wear at work, you'd prefer to advertise on r/Plumbing or something like that (idk the rules, never went on this sub, it's just an example ^^")

if you sell stickers to be sticked within cute bullet journals, then do so on r/bulletjournal or similar.

Think about your audience first and foremost. Not on where. When you know your audience, then, you'll learn where they hangout. My guess is not likely on r/artstore =)

Maybe they're not even on Reddit! Try your hands on https://sparktoro.com/ see to where some of your audience hang out even better if you know them, ask them personally where they found this painting or that one.

Best of luck !

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