We are bananas. Or why personality matters in an age of sameness and AI.

"I am one artist amongst others. I am replaceable."

Yes, yes there are so many other artists out there that are way wayyyyy better than you (and me). There is AI that is way faster and better than you (even though it scraps the internet for proprietary work). Yes, there are countries with lower wages with artists you're competing with. We may think the only way to compete in this crowded market is to drastically reduce our pricing, yet maintain a high quality delivery. That because we draw, we are in the same banana bag as the other artists.

It does not matter.

To return to the bananas:

Case 1/ I give you 2 bananas: one at 50€ and the other at 3€: which one do you choose? The one at 3€ you're not crazy. That's the case when we give the price first. We are a banana compared to other more or less expensive bananas. But we remain "bananas."

Case 2/ I give you 2 bananas: You ignore the price, but the first one, I tell you that it comes from my garden. That I care a lot for it, I show you my garden on my instagram account, you see the blue sky underneath the greenhouse where the banana trees grow. There are also a lot of other plants, you see that I have a complementary culture. In a picture, I am smiling with a friend who has a basket full of banana bunches. I let you smell the banana, there is an exotic fragrance emanating from it, it makes you travel.
The little extra thing is that it is local, I came by bike to show you. I cut you a piece, you taste, and then it is a pleasure of the senses. A flavor explosion as big as a L'Oréal ad.

You look at the second banana. It is green. There is a Walmart organic sticker stuck on it. An Indonesian banana. It comes from the adjacent cultures of palm oil probably.

Which one do you take?

The first banana is not "a" banana but ... THE Banana. Just like you, when you don't position yourself as "an artist" but as yourself. You are THE Banana.

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