Allowing Creators to Build Their Worlds Quickly

Time Spent by tiles: 15min to 45min
Work Type: Shop - Game Assets
Software: Photoshop, Unity, Clip Studio Paint, Roll20
Tasks: Concept Art, Level Design, Level Art, Implementation, Game Art

32*3 isometric tiles free to use for your personal and commercial projects

As Creators, you spend countless hours designing and building your worlds. From developing your videogame designs to telling stories to your parties, art allows you to share the experience, to deeply connect to your audience.

But you are not always able to draw out the imagery! Whether time is lacking, budget is shrinking or drawing skills are not your strengths, you need to quickly build your world.

Focus on the story rather than the process.

With these thoughts in mind, I chose to create isometric tilesets to allow you to build a desert encounter map quickly and efficiently on your favorite Game Engine or VTT. A Unity package is even included with the assets as well as a tile palette to import in their scenes.

Those 32 tiles are free to use for your personal and commercial projects as well, so feel free to download them and try it by yourself here!

If you like them, leave a comment, share them or contact me here, I'm eager to know what I can do to help your project =)

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