Concept Art for AR Mobile Game

Software: Photoshop
Work Type: Client - StoriePlay
Tasks: Concept Art

StoriePlay first contacted me for working on a mobile AR game for children. The game makes use of interactive stories where the player can interact with thanks to their phone.

Due to the mobile constraints, the concepts had to be as simple as possible to offer optimized performances.

More Context

This was a very interesting project to work on. The idea to use AR as a game with goals and narratives as well as a toy, with firemen trucks to play with, leaving the stories to the kids' imagination seemed great to me.

Storieplay is about storytelling, imagination and kindness. It was a welcomed change of pace in my way of working, usually with games that have more action to them.

The challenges were to maximise the number of assets while limiting the load on the app. To that end we decided to go for a modular environment, especially for the common houses that would pile up like lego bricks with easy coloration changes within Unity.

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